In school, all of our books looked alike. Wrapped in a brown paper sack, the only difference was the words we wrote and the doodles we drew. 

As the indie author scene has emerged, so has a plethora of stock photos just waiting for you to slap a title and name on and send to publish. When dozens of books look identical, yours can get lost in the shuffle. Those stock images have become the indie author's brown paper sack. 

Your stories are unique, your cover should be Not A Brown Paper Sack


Your story isn't ordinary. Your cover shouldn't be.

Apr. 21, 2016

Always growing!

As we continue to expand our skills, we pass them along to you! Be sure to check out our Trailer pages to see what we can do to help you promote your book!

Jul. 19, 2016

Wandering Words Editing

A subdivision of Not A Brown Paper Sack, Wandering Words Editing offers complete editing services.